YES | MARKETING Meeting 2022

YES | MARKETING 2022 took place on August 29 and 30, 2022 and was hosted in University of Groningen’s beautiful Van Swinderen Huys right in the city center.

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Monday, August 29

9:00 am: Registration & Coffee. Van Swinderen Huys

9.30 am: Welcome. Peter Verhoef (Dean Faculty of Economics and Business)

9.45 am: Research Session. Alexander Edeling (KU Leuven) „When is competition really healthy? Analyzing the impact of the firm’s competitive position on unethical firm behavior“

10.45 am: Break. Coffee, Tea, Cake.

11.00 am: Research Session. Francesca Sotgiu (VU Amsterdam) „A Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Brand Owned Social Media on Social Media Engagement and Sales“

11.30 am: Research Session. Keyvan Dehmamy (Goethe University Frankfurt) “Market Entry and Consumer Reviews: The Case of the Restaurant Industry”

12:00 pm: Lunch Break. Van Swinderen Huys

1.00 pm: Research Session. Samuel Stäbler (Tilburg University) “Regulatory Inspections: Marketing Determinants and Consequences”

2.00 pm: Break. Coffee, Tea, Cake.

2.15 pm: Topic Session. Moderated by Christian Schulze (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management) „Create your own teaching materials?!“

3.15 pm: Departure and City Walk

4.30 pm: Groningen Boat Tour

6.30 pm: Dinner

10.00 pm: Drinks

Tuesday, August 30

9:00 am: Arrival & Coffee. Van Swinderen Huys

9.30 am: Research Session. Matilda Dorotic (BI Norwegian Business School) “Privacy-safety paradoxes for children online: The role of marketing and potential research directions”

10.30 am: Break. Coffee, Tea, Cake.

10:45 am: Research Session. Jonne Guyt (University of Amsterdam) „Banning Unsolicited Advertising: Helping the Environment but Hurting Retailing“

11:15 am: Research Session. Christian Schulze (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management) „The Ultimate, Most Revolutionary Paper Ever! How Superlatives Affect New Product Succes“

11:45 pm: Lunch Break. Van Swinderen Huys

1.00 pm: Wrap up. And annoucement of next year’s location.

2.00 pm: Officially the sad, sad ending of the conference.


Great overview at the end of YES
Welcome to Groningen by Dean Peter Verhoef
One of many great research presentations
And lots of time to connect and socialize!


  1. Alex Bleier
  2. Alexa Burmeister
  3. Evert de Haan (co-organizer)
  4. Keyvan Dehmamy
  5. Matilda Dorotic
  6. Alexander Edeling
  7. Ossama Elshiewy
  8. Oliver Emrich
  9. Maarten Gijsenberg (co-organizer)
  10. Daniel Guhl
  11. Pascal Güntürkün
  12. Jonne Guyt
  13. Niels Holtrop
  14. Tetyana Kosyakova
  15. Marcel Lichters
  16. Lara Lobschat
  17. Hans Risselada (co-organizer)
  18. Thomas Schreiner
  19. Christian Schulze
  20. Edlira Shehu
  21. Francesca Sotgiu
  22. Samuel Stäbler
  23. Lucas Stich
  24. Anne ter Braak
  25. Simone Wies