YES | MARKETING Meeting 2019

YES | MARKETING 2019 took place on August 19 and 20, 2019. Goethe University Frankfurt hosted the meeting on its beautiful Westend Campus.


Monday, August 19

9.00 am: Registration, Coffee
9.30 am: Welcome by Thomas Otter, Vice Dean Research
9.45 am: Sascha Raithel (Free University Berlin) „Brand Risk“
10.45 am: Break
11.00 am: Peren Ozturan ( VU University Amsterdam ) „Can the Marketing Function Benefit from Social Responsibility? The Role of Socially Responsible Marketing Orientation“ with Amir Grinstein
12.00 pm: Lunch at „Sturm & Drang“
1.15 pm: Keyvan Dehmamy (University of Groningen) „Who is in Control? Building Hierarchy in the Dynamics of Marketing Mix Variables“ with Jaap Wieringa
2.00 pm: Break
2.15 pm: Nuno Camacho ( Erasmus School of Economics ) „Generation and Selection of Ideas in Innovation Tournaments“, two papers with Hyoryung Nam, PK Kannan and Stefan Stremersch, as well as Stefan Stremersch, Vardan Avagyan and Wim van der Stede respectively
3.15 pm: Departure
4.00 pm: Boat Trip on the Main
5.45 pm: Walk through Neue Altstadt
6.00 pm: Aperitif & Dinner at „Margarete“
10.00 pm: Cocktails at the Fleming’s Selection Hotel (optional)

Tuesday, August 20

9.00 am: Arrival, Coffee
9.30 am: Jochen Reiner (Goethe University Frankfurt) „Feeling Worried, not Safe: Insights into the Insurance Price Risk Signal“ with Julia Wamsler and Martin Natter
10.30 am: Break
11.00 am: Edlira Shehu (Copenhagen Business School) „Free Shipping Promotions and Product Returns“ with Dominik Papies and Scott Neslin
12.00 am: BBQ Lunch at the Faculty Lounge
1.00 pm: Wrap-up and Announcement of Next Year’s Destination
2.00 pm: Officially the Sad, Sad Ending of the Conference


Welcome to YES 2019
Welcome to YES | MARKETING 2019
Hosted by Goethe University Frankfurt
Hosted by Goethe University Frankfurt
Fun in the afternoon
Fun during the afternoon boat trip
Participants in front of the historic Frankfurt Römer
Participants in front of the historic Frankfurt Römer


  1. Nadia Abou Nabout
  2. Alex Bleier
  3. Alexa Burmester
  4. Nuno Camacho
  5. Evert de Haan
  6. Keyvan Dehmamy
  7. Matilda Dorotic
  8. Thomas Eichentopf
  9. Siham El Kihal
  10. Ossama Elshiewy
  11. Maarten Gijsenberg
  12. Julian Hofmann
  13. Niels Holtrop
  14. Sungtak Hong
  15. Ju Young Kim
  16. Elisa Konya Baumbach
  17. Tetyana Kosyakova
  18. Ann-Kristin Kupfer
  19. Andreas Lanz
  20. Marcel Lichters
  21. Lara Lobschat
  22. Alexander Mafael
  23. Stefan Mayer
  24. Klaus Miller
  25. Shantanu Mullick
  26. Peren Ozturan
  27. Neomie Raassens
  28. Sascha Raithel
  29. Jochen Reiner
  30. Thomas Schreiner
  31. Christian Schulze (Co-Organizer)
  32. Edlira Shehu
  33. Lena Steinhoff
  34. Sebastian Tillmanns
  35. Sara Van der Maelen
  36. Arnd Vomberg
  37. Nico Wiegand
  38. Simone Wies (Co-Organizer)